Alouette II SA 313 B – 1963

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**Now available in South Africa and available for viewing

**One of the lowest TT Alouette II in the world, with great times remaining

TTSN 3500 Hrs
Civilian Interior
Dual Controls
Civilian Paint
HSI, AH Turn and Slip
Component Hours Rem:
MR Blades 1200
MR Head 1100
MR Mast1200
Clutch 450
Artouste II C5/6 1000
MRH Dampers 1100
Free Wheel Unit 490

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Ref : 482-2016

Allouette II SE 313

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TTSN 11 000 hrs
Leather Seats
Dual Controls
Shoulder Harness
Artouste II C6 Turbine
Good Components
Complete Recent Refurb
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Ref : 272-2015

Alouette III SA 316B – 1970

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TTSN 5100 Hrs
Part 127 C of A
Full Refurb in 2009
Cargo Hook
Fantastic Components


4 Headsets
Garmin 420 and 430 GPS
Radar Altimeter
Dual Controls
Dual Comms
Engine Cover

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Ref : 104-2013

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