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Price: USD 1 387 000 PLUS VAT
Make: Bell
Variant Type: Bell 206 Jetranger
Ref No:
Aircraft Type: Helicopter


TTSN: Ferry Test Only

Inlet Barrier Filter
Cabin can be configured for up to 4 pax or re-configured for utility missions
Quick Disconnect Seats in Rear
Four Point Restraint Harness
Clamshell Cabin Doors Pilot Side
75/25 Split Clamshell Door
Opens to 55 Inches – Easy Access & Exit for Passengers

Fully Integrated G1000H Cockpit
Enhanced Situation Awareness and Safety
Dual FADEC Engine Control System
2 x 10.4” LCDS Interchangeable for PFD or MFD
Integrated on PFD Standby Flight Display
Integrated on PFD/MFD with Power Situation Indicator (PSI)
Engine Indication System – Fuel Flow, Automated Power Assurance Check
Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) Integrated on PFD/MFD
Audio Alerts Integrated into Intercom System
Single Nav/Comm/GPS/WAAS
Mode S Transponder with Extended Squitter (ES), ADS-B Out, FMS, Auto
Integrated on PFD/MFD Traffic Information System (TIS)
Moving Map, Fuel and Nav Range (Optional TAS with ADS-B, HTAWS, and
Synthetic Vision System
5 Place ICS with Recorder/Playback, Headsets have Bluetooth
Support for Phones, Garmin MP3 Jack
Automatic Speech Recognition
Electronic Standby Instrument

Price: USD 1 387 000 PLUS VAT


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