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With The Robinson R66 order Book now open for more than 18 months we are extremely proud to announce our deliveries surpassing the Half dozen mark with a further dozen aircraft in this range on order. The owners that have taken delivery are all extremely impressed with every aspect of the machine. Our maintenance department has spent many hours in training on this type and have now completed various MPI’s as well as a handful of small fairly insignificant snags.

This machine has now impressed everyone from line pilot operations to owners, charter companies, passengers and maintenance organisations.

The new five-seat Robinson R66 turbine encompasses many of the Robinson R44 features.

The customary two-bladed rotor, T-bar cyclic and open interior cabin configuration, to name a few, are the features that have made the R44 such a huge success. Some new features include vastly increased reserve power, increased altitude performance and the new 5th seat. With the additional power advantage, increased luggage capacity was also incorporated. Leather seats, HID landing lights and a stereo audio control panel are standard in the R66.

With these additional features, we think there are exciting times ahead in the turbine sector.

The turbine has not compromised price, but will revolutionise the turbine market.

Please contact us today for any enquiries.

robinson r66 helicopter


Cruise Speed approx 120 kts
Max Range (no reserve) approx 325 nm/375 miles
Hover Ceiling IGE over 10,000 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE over 10,000 ft
Rate of Climb over 1,000 fpm
Max Operating Altitude 14,000 ft



Based on preliminary test data and subject to change Weights:

Gross Weight 2,700 lbs
Empty Weight (incl oil & std avionics) 1,280 lbs
Max Fuel (73.6 gal) 493 lbs
Passengers & Baggage (with max fuel) 927 lbs

Shown with 7-hole instrument panel and optional Pilot’s Avionics Console

(Our Story)

We now offer the brand new Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter. This helicopter is expected to dominate the helicopter industry. This due to the cost effective price and power it delivers in such a concise turbine engine.

So what makes this helicopter so special? It now has 5 seats. Although it’s not likely that you will be taking 4 passengers. If the new turbine engine fitted by Roll Royce is anything to go by, then doesn’t that mean an outcome of favourable reserve power ? In other words, 5 passengers up, you are not going to push the R66 helicopter to its limits, therefore careful structured planning is a must. However, at 4-up you can be more lenient and so on for fewer passengers

At an affordable price of $800,000 ex vat, we think this is a winner in the helicopter industry.

A 10 % deposit secures your place in the queue. Ask us today how you could get your new Robinson Turbine R66 helicopter.

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