1971 Rockwell Aero Commander Lark 180

TTAF: 2350 hrs

Price: POA
Make: Rockwell
Type: Aero Commander Lark 180
REF NO: AC180-1150

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Aero Commander Lark 180 – 1971

  • TTAF: 2350 hrs
  • Engine: Lycoming O-O360 180HP 1700 hrs
  • Propeller: McCauley
  • Propeller: 150 hrs
  • Interior: 9/10
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Directional Indicator
  • Turn & slide indicator
  • Bendix King Nav/Comm
  • Bendix King ADF
  • Exterior: 9/10

The Aero Commander 100, also known as Lark Commander is a US light aircraft produced in the 1960’s. The production version… Model 1050, received type certification in 1965. It was a high-wing monoplane of conventional design, equipped with fixed tricycle undercarriage. The aircraft was designed by Volaircraft.. and the maiden flight took place in 1960. The firm marketed the original three-seat version as the Volaire 1035 and a four-seat version with a more powerful engine as the Volaire 1050. Rockwell purchased all rights to the design on July 12, 1965, for production by its Aero Commander division. In 1968 the air frame got a 180-horsepower Lycoming O-360 engine. Furthermore in the design was a conventional tail. It became known as the Aero Commander 100-180 or the Lark Commander. Production of the Lark continued until 1971.


The Aero Commander Lark is a single-engine, high-wing, 4 seater airplane. Intended to meet not only business needs but pleasure too… for a reasonable price. Equipped with a Lycoming O-O360 180hp Lycoming engine and a fixed pitch prop. The Lark represents the final evolution of the line featuring a swept tail fin and rudder, a more powerful engine, detail refinements to reduce drag, and deluxe furnishing of the cabin. It carries a useful load of 970 pounds and has a maximum speed of about 135 mph, a range of 513 miles and a service ceiling of 9,750 feet. One of the pluses: an extra-strong fibreglass laminated main landing gear. The forward fuselage also has a steel 4130 steel-tubing cage for protection.

Aero Commander Lark 180 – 1971

The instrument panel of the Aero Commander is well laid out, with room for a full IFR panel. Owners of the remaining Lark Commander are enthusiastic about the air frame. The Lark… a well-constructed, great flying aircraft… also performs as well as any of its counterparts. In addition… it makes a great training airplane with its solid landing gear. Moreover…plenty of spare parts are still available.

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