1970 Alouette III SA316B

Variant Type:Alouette III
Aircraft Type:Helicopter


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Alouette III SA316B – 1970

  • TTSN 5100 Hrs
  • Part 127 C of A
  • Full Refurb in 2009
  • Cargo Hook
  • Fantastic Components
  • 4 Headsets
  • Garmin 420 and 430 GPS
  • Radar Altimeter
  • Dual Controls
  • Dual Comms
  • Engine Cover

In April 1956… the Alouette II became the first production turbine helicopter worldwide. Furthermore… as a result of huge demand… the manufacturer took an interest developing derivatives. On 28 February 1959, the first prototype SE3160 performed its maiden flight. Shortly thereafter, the SE3160 would become known as the Alouette III. On 15 December 1961, the Alouette III received certification. Subsequently this cleared it to enter operational service. Production of the SA316A continued until 1968. Thereafter… replaced by the SA316B, featuring a gas turbine engine. Series production of the aircraft began in 1961. It was first certified in December 1961. The more powerful Turbomeca Astazou engine would be adopted on the later models. In July 1967, the Alouette III… powered by the Astazou engine performed its first flight.


The Alouette III was specifically designed to fly at high altitudes. The SA316B is a single turboshaft engined… light utility helicopter. Powered by a Turbomeca Artouste IIIB engine driving a three blade main rotor and also a three blade tail. Moreover it has a range of over 494 km. With its increased cabin capacity, improved equipment and powerful turbine engine… performance is enhanced. The SA316B typically seats seven. In an aerial ambulance configuration… the helicopter accommodates the pilot, two attendants and also two patients. All passenger seats are easily removable to provide cargo space. Optionally… there is provision for an external sling for hauling loads up to 750kg. The Alouette 111 features strengthened main and also tail rotor transmissions. Moreover it also carries more payload. The tail boom is an enclosed, semi-monocoque fuselage.

Alouette III SA316B – 1970

Like any light and general purpose helicopter… the Alouette III serves for casualty evacuation. It earned a reputation for its  exceptional characteristics during rescue operations. In a civilian capacity… the uses include not only casualty evacuation.. but also crop spraying, personnel transportation and for carrying external loads.


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