2002 Beechcraft 1900D Airliner

TTAF: 25346 hrs

Price: USD 2 850 000
Make: Beechcraft
Type: Beechcraft 1900D
REF NO: B1900-1118

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Beechcraft 1900D Airliner – 2002

  • TTAF: 25346 hrs
  • TCAF: 41673 cycles
  • Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67D
  • Left Engine TTSN: 451hrs
  • Left Engine TCSN: 777 cycles
  • Right Engine TTSN: 359 hrs
  • es
  • Propeller: Hartzel HC-E4A-3J
  • Left propeller: 1833 hrs
  • Right propeller: 3025 hrs
  • 19 Pax configuration
  • Aft lavatory
  • Hydro MK3 Anti-Skid System installed
  • Phase 1 thru 6 200hr detail Inspections
  • All AD’s up-to-date
  • ELT Artex: x 1
  • ADAS Processor: x 1
  • Comm: 2 x Collins
  • Nav: 2 x Collins
  • ADF: 2 x Collins
  • DME: 2 x Collins
  • RMI: 2 x Collins
  • EFIS Display Processing Unit: 2 x Collins
  • EFIS Display Screen (CRT): 4 x Collins
  • Radio Altimeter Transceiver: 1 x Collins
  • Weather Radar: 1 x Collins
  • Air Data Sensor: 2 x Collins
  • Attitude Heading Computer: 2 x Collins
  • 2 x ACSS Transponder Mode S
  • 1 x ACSS TCAS II Computer Change 7
  • 2 x Bendix King GPS KLN90B
  • Honeywell EGPWS computer: x 1
  • L3 Communications CVR: x 1
  • L3 Communications FDR: x 1


PRICE: USD 2 850 000


The Beechcraft 1900 design began in 1949 with the Model 50 Twin Bonanza. This was a 5-passenger…. reciprocating engine utility aircraft designed for the Army. A larger cabin… added to the air frame, became known as the Model 65 Queen Air. This aircraft , in turn, underwent modifications, with additions of turboprop engines and cabin pressurization. It became known as Model 90 King Air.

Further developed was a stretched version… the Model 200 Super King Air. The Beechcraft 1900 evolved from the Super King Air. The 1900 first flew on September 3, 1982. FAA granted certification on November 22, 1983 under SFAR 41C airworthiness standards. 695 Beechcraft 1900 aircraft were built, making the airliner the best-selling 19-passenger airliner in history. In 1991… Beechcraft went on to manufacture the 1900D… with a taller cabin. Furthermore… certified under the FAR Part 23 “Commuter Category” standards, it became the most popular version of the airliner.


The Beechcraft 1900D is a pressurised twin-engine turboprop… fixed-wing aircraft. Because the taller passenger cabin adds both weight and drag, other elements of the 1900D also changed. The modifications included not only the engines but the propeller too. Winglets were added to reduce drag and increase the wings efficiency. Moreover the tail was made larger in response to the more powerful engines. The cockpit was updated with an Electronic Flight Instrument System. Fuel type: Jet A recommended, others usable. Cruise speed is 518 km/hat 6100 m. The range is 707 km with a 19 passenger payload. Powered by: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67D engine. This aircraft has a large cargo door. Furthermore its movable bulkhead allows different passenger/cargo combinations.

Beechcraft 1900D Airliner – 2002

The Beechcraft 1900D Airliner – 2002, has a comfortable style stand up cabin. The seats recline with armrest features, tray tables and under-seat storage. The pressurised and air-conditioned cabin with the single aisle layout… provides each passenger with the comfort of a window and an aisle seat. This aircraft, mainly used as a regional airliner… also serves as a freight aircraft or corporate aircraft.


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TTAF: 25346 hrs

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