1988 Cessna Citation III

TTSN: 10694.4 hrs

Price: USD 950 000 Plus VAT
Make: Cessna
Type: Cessna Citation
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Cessna Citation III – 1988

Airframe TT:
10694.4 hrs
Left Engine TTSN: 10052.8 hrs
Right Engine TTSN: 9385.10 hrs
Beige leather seating
Complimenting side panels
Maple veneer cabintry
Forward deluxe refreshment centre
Air conditioning
Autopilot Honeywell SPZ-650

Package Honeywell EDZ-600
Flight Director Honeywell EDZ-600 4-tube
Comms Dual Collins VHF-22A
Nav Dual Collins VIR-32
ADF Collins ADF-60A
CVR Universal CVR-30
DME Collins DME-42 & DME-42C
FMS Universal UNS-1M with GPS
EFIS Honeywell EDZ-600
Weather radar Honeywell Primus 880


The Cessna Citation III is an American business jet with 4,350 km of range. Produced by Cessna and part of the Citation Family. Announced in October 1976 NBAA convention, it made its maiden flight on May 30, 1979. Certification was granted on April 30, 1982. At the time of its release, the Citation III had the longest range and fastest overall cruise speed of any midsized jet. It continued in production for 9 years until 1992 with a total of 202 Citation IIIs produced.


The aircraft is flown by a crew of two and it can seat up to 13 passengers. A typical corporate interior will seat six to eight passengers. Power-plant: 2 × Honeywell TFE731-3B Turbofans. Maximum speed: 909 km/h. Cruise speed: 874 km/h. The Honeywell digital SPZ-8000 flight control system comes standard in the Citation III. It includes many safety checkup systems that are uncomplicated. The Citation III is certified to FAR part 25 safety standards, the same standards that commercial jets must adhere to. Even in turbulence, flights are smooth, as are taxiing and landings, due to the trailing link landing gear.

The cabin of the Citation III has a volume of 438 cubic feet . Headliner lighting and window design provide bright and indirect lighting… giving the cabin a spacious feel. The seats… recline and swivel. Furthermore they have adjustable armrests and footrests. There is an available 61 cubic feet of baggage space. Due to its compliance with the FAR part 36 noise standards… travel in the Citation III is fairly quiet.

Cessna Citation III – 1988

One of the best features of the Citation is that it is fast… keeping costs low and performance high. Hence the Citation III is a low-priced business jet that delivers not only comfortable travel and economic operating costs… but also good speed and range.


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TTSN: 10694.4 hrs

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