2015 Eurocopter AS350 B3e

Variant Type:Eurocopter AS350 B3
Aircraft Type:Helicopter
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Eurocopter AS350 B3e – 2015

  • TTSN 291
  • TTSN Engine 320
  • Engine- Arriel 2D
  • Turn & Bank Indicator – UI 9560
  • Gyro-horizon – Thales H 321 EHM
  • Directional Gyro -AIM 205 1BL
  • ELT-Kannad Integra 406 AP-H
  • GPS/COM/NAV – Garmin, GTN 650
  • Transponder (mode S) – Garmin, GTX 330
  • Course Deviation Indicator-Garmin GI 106A
  • Cargo swing (1400 Kg- 3080lbs)
  • Tail rotor arch
  • VEMD data download kit
  • 1 LCD dual screen (VEMD)
  • Altitude encoder- Shadin 8800-T
  • Intercom System – Garmin GMA 350H
  • VHF/VOR/LOC/GS – Garmin GNC 255



Development of the new rotorcraft focused on an economic and cost-effective helicopter. Thus both Aérospatiale’s Production and Procurement departments became involved in the design. One such measure was the use of a rolled sheet structure. Furthermore… another innovation was the Starflex main rotor. It was also decided to develop both civil and military variants. In June 1974, the 1st prototype AS350 C… powered by a Lycoming LTS101 turboshaft engine, conducted its maiden flight. The second prototype, powered by a Turbomeca Arriel 1A, followed in February 1975. Certification in France was in October 1977 for the Arriel-powered version, the AS350B. Moreover… certification of the Lycoming powered AS350C followed by the US FAA on 21 December 1977.


The AS350 is a single engine helicopter, powered either by a Lycoming LTS101 or… a Turbomeca Arriel powerplant. These drive a three-blade main rotor, furnished with a Starflex rotor head. The type is well known for its high-altitude performance. The main rotors coupled with the tail rotors make use of composite material. The aircraft which starts up and shuts down quickly, is thus useful during EMS roles. Over time, the AS350 has received further development. While the aircraft’s design remains similar…. not only the rotor system and power plants have improved… but also the avionics. Eurocopter AS350 B3 is a is a high performance version of the AS350. AS350 B3E variant introduces enhanced engine with dual channel FADEC. Furthermore it has dual hydraulics and a 2,370 kg maximum take off weight. AS350 B3e (renamed H125), comes equipped with the Arriel 2D engine.

Eurocopter AS350 B3e – 2015

Thanks to its versatile flat floored cabin, reconfiguration includes not only utility and heavy load transportation…  but also medical evacuation, search and rescue, law enforcement and passenger transportation. Consequently, this helicopter is the first ever to land on the summit of Mount Everest.


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