1968 Mooney M20G

TTSN: 4586 hrs

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1968 Mooney
Type: Mooney M20G
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Mooney M20G – 1968

  • TTSN: 4586 hrs
  • Engine TSO: 856 hrs
  • 2000 hrs engine TBO
  • 1145 Hrs engine Time remaining
  • Propeller TT: 1647 hrs
  • Propeller TSO: 143 hrs
  • 2258 hrs Propeller time remaining
  • Leather Interior
  • Dual Controls
  • Audio Panel Garmin GMA300
  • Nav/Com/GPS – Garmin GNS 430
  • JPI 800 Graphic Engine Monitor
  • Bendix T12C ADF
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Turn & Slip Indicator
  • Directional Indicator
  • STEC 30 Autopilot
The M20… manufactured by Mooney International.. is the 20th they’ve produced and thus the most successful. More than 11,000 aircraft produced in many variations over the last 60 years. In the 1960’s the wood, replaced by aluminium… completed the all-metal M20B. In 1962, further improvements installed included, greater deflection on control surfaces, coupled with… reduced cowl flap openings for better engine cooling. Improved exhaust scavenging and a new battery access door were added. Furthermore… a powerful landing light and lightweight floor became new features. An increased gross weight, lighter empty weight, new instrument panel layout, and a higher maximum flap angle… contributed to the M20G release in 1968.
M20’s are entirely constructed of metal. All are low-wing aircraft and the wing skin is aluminium. Slotted flaps cover 70% of the trailing edge. Earlier models use a hydraulic hand pump to extend the flaps. Later models have electrically operated flaps. The forward fuselage has a steel-tube cabin structure covered in aluminium skin. The aft part of the fuselage is of semi-monocoque design. In many places on the skin of the airplane, flush-mounted rivets are used to reduce drag. The main gear legs attached to the main wing spar, while the nose gear is mounted onto the steel cabin frame. All models, except for the M20D, came with retractable landing gear. Nose wheel retracts rearwards and the main wheels retract inwards. The Mooney M20 has medium aspect-ratio tapered wings with 1.5 degrees of washout and 5.5 degrees of dihedral. Later models, equipped with stall strips improve the stall characteristics.
Mooney M20G – 1968
The Mooney M20G is a family of piston-powered, propeller-driven, general aviation aircraft. All feature low wings and tricycle gear.


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TTSN: 4586 hrs

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