2006 Vans RV10 Airplane

TTSN: 500 hrs

Price: R 3 300 000 Plus VAT
Type: Vans RV10
REF NO: 822-2017

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Vans RV10 Airplane – 2006

  • TTSN: 500 hrs
  • Full interior panelling
  • Lycoming Engine
  • Slick Magneto right/left
  • Skytec Starter
  • Unison Lasar controller
  • Precision fuel injection servo
  • Precision fuel manifold
  • Lycoming fuel pump
  • B & C Alternator MAIN
  • B & C Alternator Stby
  • MT Propeller
  • MT Governor
  • Custom made Instrument panel
  • Garmin VHF/NAV/GPS radio
  • Garmin VHF/NAV radio
  • Transponder: Garmin
  • Audio panel: Garmin
  • UNK Standby Compass
  • Trutrak Stanby Pictorial T& B
  • UMA Standby VSI
  • UMA Standby ASI
  • Winter Standby ALT
  • Dynon Magnetometer EDC-D10A
  • Grand Rapids Engine monitor
  • Trutrak Autopilot
  • Chelton EFIS
  • Pinpoint GADAHRS
  • WX500 Stormscope

The Vans RV-10 is a four-seat, single-engine and low-wing plane. It’s sold in kit form by Van’s Aircraft. In addition it is the first four-seat airplane in the popular RV series. The RV10 first flew in May 2003. However, by December 2016, 815 RV-10s had been completed and flown. Designed from the start as a touring aircraft…. RV-10 focuses on greater stability and payload.
The design power is 210 to 260 hp (157 to 194 kW). It will carry full fuel and sixty pounds of baggage. Composite gull-wing doors allow occupants to board from both sides.


The Vans RV10 derives its high cruise speed from a clean and light airframe. It is available only as a tricycle landing gear version. The plane’s construction is aluminium. Moreover the cabin structure and gull-winged doors are made from composite materials. The landing gear is tubular steel with the nose wheel mounting tube welded to the engine mount. The nose wheel is free castering and the aircraft steered with differential braking. The brakes mounted on the rudder pedal toes. Furthermore… at the end of a flight, the generous wing area, big slotted flaps and robust steel rod landing gear… allow the RV-10 to land at virtually any small airport… grass, gravel and tar.

Vans RV10 Airplane – 2006

RV’s have always enjoyed a reputation for excellent handling qualities. The RV-10 continues this tradition, in a manner appropriate to a four-seat airplane.


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TTSN: 500 hrs

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