Questions & Answers

Q – Is a Robinson Helicopter a turbine or piston?
A – R22 and R44 has a piston engine, R66 has a Turbine engine.

Q – How many seats does a Robinson helicopter have?
A – R22 has 2 seats, R44 has 4 seats, R66 has 5 seats.

Q – What is the difference between the Robinson R44 and R44 Raven ll
A – Raven I = Lycoming 0-540 Carbureted engine offers performance and afforability. Features Carbureter heat assist that enhances safety and reduces pilot worked load by automatically adjusting Carbureter heat in response to power changes by the Pilot. Raven II = The high-performance Raven II has a Lycoming I0-540 fuel injected, angel valve, tuned induction engine, which eliminates the need for Carbureted heat. The standard 28vlts electrical system insures good starting performance in hot or cold weather and provides additional electrical power for optional equipment.

Q – What’s the difference between a R44 and R22?
A – The R44 has about 4 seconds of rotor inertia rather than 1.6. The heavier weight of the R44 also makes the machine much more stable in windy/gusty conditions. Students learn to hover and autorotate faster in the R44 than in the R22. The R44 has 4 seats compared to the R22 which only has 2 seats.

Q – How did the helicopter get its name?
A – Robinson Helicopters got its name from Frank Robinson who worked for several aircraft companies, then decided to embark on creating a light, simple aircraft that he built himself.

Q – How many questions are on the private pilot exam?
A – There are eight exams and several internal tests that need to be completed in order to attain your private pilot license.

Q – How long does a private pilot license last?
A – A Private pilot’s license is valid for 12 months from date of issue which can be renewed with a flight test and currency fee.

Q – How many hours does it take to solo?
A – A minimum of 15Hrs of Flight training needs to be obtained as well as your flight instructor needs to verify if you are ready to go solo.

Q – Where can I buy a helicopter?
A –

Q – What is the biggest helicopter in the world?
A – The MI-26, popularly known as the Halo is the largest Helicopter in production, it is a twin Turbine, heavy lift Helicopter. Designed and produced by Russian Mill Moscow Helicopter Plant.

Q – What is that fastest helicopter in the world?
A – The CH-47F Chinook Helicopter is the fastest in the world with a max speed of 315km/h.

Q – What is the most expensive helicopter in the world?
A – The most expensive Helicopter in the world is an Airbus H225 Super Puma, Price = USD $ 27 million.

Q – Which helicopters were used in WW1 and WW2?
A – WW1 Did not use Helicopters.
WW2 had a total of 5 – Flettner FI265 , Flettner FI282 Kolibri, Focke – Achgelis FA223 Drache, Focke – Achgelis FA330 Bachstelze, Foche Wulf FW61-FA61.

Q – How much fuel does a helicopter use?
A – A small 2 seater training helicopter with a piston engine typically burns about 9 – 16 gallons per hour. A larger 5 seater turbine helicopter burns about 25-30 gallons per hour.

Q – How much does a helicopter ride cost in South Africa?
A – Depending on the Helicopter size, weight of passengers, the costs will vary – Please contact for more information.

Q – How far can a helicopter travel with a tank of fuel?
A – A typical midrange design would be able to fly for about 2,5Hrs at 135 knots for 300 – 350 miles without re-fuelling.