Robinson R66

Robinson R66 Helicopter

We now offer the brand new Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter.  This helicopter is expected to dominate the helicopter industry due to the cost effective price and power it delivers in such a concise turbine engine.

So what make this helicopter so special ?  It now has 5 seats.  Although is not likely that you will be taking 4 passengers.  If the new turbine engine fitted by Roll Royce is anything to go by, then doesn’t that mean an outcome of reserve power ?  In other words, 5 passengers up, you are not going to push the R66 helicopter to its limits, therefore careful structured planning is a must.  However at 4-up you can be more lenient and so so for less passengers.

At an Affordable $800000, we think there is a winner in the helicopter industry.

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Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter

Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter

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