Bell 230 – 1994

Type: Bell 230
Year: 1994
TTSN: 3455 hrs
REF NO: B230-1028

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Bell 230 – 1994

  • TTSN 3455 Hrs
  • Leather VIP interior
  • Dual Controls
  • 4 King 500 EFIS tubes with autopilot
  • Full Co-Pilot Instruments.
  • Garmin 400 coupled to Auto Pilot.
  • Radar Alt. Coupled to EFIS.
  • Bendix King-MFD.
  • WX Radar
  • Force Trim
  • KD AVX Entertainment Centre
  • RDR Colour radar
  • Moving Map King KMD850
  • Radar Altimeter King KRA403
  • Comms: Dual King KTR908 VHF
  • VOR: Dual King KNR634
  • Audio: Dual King KMA24H
  • ADF King KDF806
  • DME King
  • Transponder King KT
  • Garmin 420 GPS/Comms
  • Skywaden SKY497 Traffic avoidance
  • 4 Tube EFIS-Nav coupled
In the 1960’s, Bell began designing a twin turbine engine light helicopter. To further demonstrate the design… a mock up of the new helicopter was displayed in 1974 at a helicopter convention. Following the interest… Bell subsequently announced the Bell 222. Furthermore… it became the first light commercial twin turbine helicopter developed in the USA. The 222 first flew on August 13, 1976. It received certification from the FAA on August 16 1979 and further approved for VFR in December 1979. The FAA approved the 222 for single-pilot… IFR operation on May 15 1980. Further development of the 222 is the Bell 230. A converted 222 first flew as the prototype in August 1991. Transport Canada awarded certification in March 1992.
The Bell 230 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter… powered by two Allison 250 turbo shafts. The 230 has optional skid or wheel undercarriage. Moreover… seating configurations for the Model 230 basic comprise of, seating for a pilot and seven passengers or… executive seating with one-two pilots and seating for five-six. The Bell 230…usually flown single-pilot has optional dual controls. The rotor systems include… two blade, semi-rigid and high-kinetic energy main rotor with…  preconing and underslinging. The rotor head incorporates elastomeric bearings for hub springs. Additionally included are also flapping and pitch change bearings. Rotor speed at 100%, engine speed is 348 RPM.
Bell 230 – 1994
Following the initial models, the Bell 230 was also modified and adapted for aerial work. Included in this are not only HEMS and Firefighting… but also observation and patrol. Further configurations are corporate/executive and utility transport missions.


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