Cessna T210M – 1977

Price: SOLD
Make: Cessna
Type: T210M
Year: 1977
TTAF: 2800 Hrs
REF NO: 3533


Cessna T210M Centurion 1977

Airframe TTSN:  2800 Hrs

Engine Type: Continental TSIO-S20
Engine Time Remaining : + – 1000 Hrs

Leather Seats

KFC 200 Autopilot
2x Nav / Comm Radio
Transponder Mode C
RNAV System

The aircraft was offered in a normally aspirated version, designated the model 210, as well as the turbocharged T210 and the pressurized P210 versions. The Centurion II was an option introduced in 1970 with improved avionics, and was available in both normally aspirated and turbocharged versions.

The Cessna 210 was manufactured in 26 model variants. The C210, C210A-D, the Centurion C210E-H&J, Turbo Centurion T210F-H&J, the Centurion II C210K-N&R, the Turbo Centurion II T210K-N&R and the P210N&R. The 210N, T210N (turbocharged), and P210N (pressurized) versions were produced in the greatest quantity.

The rarest and most expensive models were the T210R and P210R, which were produced only in small quantities in 1985-86.
Several modifications and optional fittings are also available including different engine installations, wingtip tanks, speed brakes, STOL kits and gear door modifications.

The early strut-winged Cessna 210B was developed into a fixed-gear aircraft known as the Cessna 205. This spawned an entirely new family of Cessna aircraft including the 206 and the eight-seat 207.
The early Cessna 210 (210 and 210A) had four seats with a Continental IO-470 engine of 260 hp (190 kW). It was essentially a Cessna 182B to which was added a retractable landing gear, swept tail, and a new wing.[2] In 1961 the fuselage and wing were completely redesigned — the fuselage was made wider and deeper, and a third side window was added.

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