Cessna Crusader

Price: ZAR 2 200 000 Plus VAT
Make: Cessna Crusader
Type: T303
Year: 1982
TTSN: 4170 hrs
REF NO: 3411

Spec sheet below


Cessna Crusader

TTSN: 4170 hrs

Engine TTSN: 4170 HRS Both Engines
Engine TSOH: 620 HRS Both Engines

Mccauley 3AF32C506
Proppellers TSN L/H: 4170 HRS
Propellers TSN R/H: 417 HRS
Propellers TSO L/H: 322 HRS
Propellers TSO R/H: 417 HRS

Garmin GMA 340
Bendix King KX 155 TSO
Bendix KN 64
Bendix King KT 76 Transponder
Garmin 530
BFG Storm Scope
Century V NSD-360A
STEX 55 X Auto Pilot HSI

For more detailed specs, feel free to view this link for more information


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