Cessna T206 – 2008

Price: USD 475 000 Plus VAT
Make: Cessna
Type: T206
Year: 2008
TTSN: 1031 hrs
REF NO: C206-3399

Spec sheet below



TTSN: 1031 hrs

Engine TTBO: 968 HRS

Oxygen Bottles Due 05/04/2021
Airfilter To Be Replaced 26/08/2023
Vacuum Manifold Inspection Due 16/05/2028
Vacuum Pump Due For Replacement 12/11/2021

Garmin G1000
Restraint System
Cyro Filter Due For Replacement 05/08/2029
H/P Engine Hoses Due For Replacement 16/05/2028
Magneto’s 500 Hours Left or Due 02/06/2024
Electrical Fuel Pump Due 16/05/2028

The Cessna 206 has 1 x 260 HP Continental IO-470-S piston engine with 2 blade propeller.
Whereas the Cessna T206 has 1 x 285 HP Continental TSIO-520-C turbocharged piston engine with 3 blade propeller.

Wing position l High wing (wing struts)
Engine position l Nose mounted
Tail configuration l Regular tail, mid set
Landing gear l Tricycle fixed

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