Hughes 300C – 1992

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Make: Hughes/Schweizer
Type: Hughes 300C
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Hughes 300C – 1992

  • TTSN: 4000 Hrs
  • 1000hrs Remaining
  • Leather/cloth interior
  • Dual Controls
  • Auxillary fuel Tank
  • Sliding windows
  • Garmin 430
  • Turn & Slip
  • Artificial Horizon
  • DI
  • CDI & ELT


In 1955, Hughes Tool Company’s Aircraft Division… carried out a market survey… thus showing that there was a demand for a low-cost, lightweight, two-seat helicopter. The division began building the Model 269 in September 1955. The prototype flew on 2 October 1956. On 9 April 1959, the 269 received certification from the FAA. In 1964, Hughes introduced the larger… three-seat Model 269B, marketed as the Hughes 300. Later manufactured by Schweizer Aircraft… the basic design has been in production for almost 50 years. The Hughes 300, followed in 1969 by the improved Hughes 300C (269C)… first flew on 6 March 1969 and received FAA certification in May 1970. Between Hughes and Schweizer, also including foreign-licensed production civil and military training aircraft… almost 3,000 units of the Hughes 300C were built and flown. In 1986, Schweizer acquired all rights to the helicopter. After Schweizer acquired the FAA Type Certificate, the helicopter became known as… the Schweizer 300C
Hughes designed the 269 with a fully articulated, three-blade main rotor. Also featured is a two-blade tail rotor… remaining as a distinctive characteristic of all its variants. It also has shock absorber-damped, skid-type landing gear. The flight controls are directly linked to the swashplate of the helicopter. Thus there are no hydraulic systems in the 269. There are generally two sets of controls, although this was optional on the civil 269A. For three-seat aircraft… the middle collective control stick is removable. Therefore, a seat cushion is optional in its place, for a third passenger. The instrument panel was redesigned and located further forward. The controls were relocated to create space for a second passenger who seats centrally… and whose position is slightly advanced to that of the pilot and the right hand passenger. The 300C, powered by a 190 hp (141 kW) Lycoming HIO-360-D1A, has a larger diameter main rotor (26 ft 10 in compared to 25 ft 4 in). Moreover… the larger rotor and engine… gives it a 45% performance increase over previous 269-series model.
Hughes 300C – 1992
Despite Schweizer making over 250 minor improvements… the basic design has remained unchanged for over 50 years.


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