MBB BK117 B2 – 1986

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MBB BK117-B2 – 1986

  • TTSN: 8516 hrs.
  • Engine 1: 786 hrs.
  • Engine 2: 494 hrs.
  • EMS Equipment.
  • Wire Strike Kit
  • GNS 430/530.
  • Radio Altimeter KRA-10A.
  • Transponder KT-79.
  • TFM-500 FM Receiver.
  • 3-Axis CSAS.
The BK 117, created between MBB of Germany and Kawasaki of Japan… holds the previous general setup. Therefore.. separate elements of the design were assigned to each company. MBB were responsible for developing the rotors, tailboom, flight controls and hydraulic system. Kawasaki developed the landing gear, airframe, main transmission, electrical system and… other minor components. On 25 February 1977, MBB and Kawasaki… signed a cooperative agreement to the development of a new rotorcraft. Improvements prompted the BK 117’s first flight on June 13 1979. On 29 March 1983, the type secured FAA certification, clearing it for widespread use.
The MBB BK117 is a twin-engined medium utility–transport helicopter. It possesses several attributes that lends itself to performing many different roles…. such as, twin-engine redundancy, sizable clamshell-shaped rear-facing double doors, and a spacious cabin. One mission to which it is suitable for is emergency medical services. The airframe id composed of riveted metal, thus making minimal use of composite materials… and machined to a high standard. Both engines, coupled with the transmission, positioned above the main cabin… free up internal space. Without compromising the integrity of the aircraft’s structural intergrity… efforts made reduced the weight of the aircraft. Included are… measures to dampen not only noise but also vibration.
Earlier versions… powered by a pair of Lycoming LTS101 turboshaft engines, generated 550 shp at takeoff. Thus, in the event of a single engine being inoperable… each engine possesses enough power to maintain flight and even takeoff. The type also has favourable autorotation capabilities. The engines… tuned to operate at lower-than-standard RPM… extend their operational lifespan and increase their reliability. They regulate using a specialised control system… regulate RPM and torque between both engines during vigorous manoeuvres. Power management, eased via the addition of an automatic engine-governor system…  not only monitors the torque but also the engine temperature gauges.
MBB BK117-B2 – 1986
The MBB BK117-B2 has proven to be popular for passenger services and VIP-transport.



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