Gazelle HT Mk 3 – 1978

Price: SOLD
Make: Gazelle
Type: HT Mk 3
Year: 1978
TTSN: 8300 hrs
REF NO: 240-2015

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Westland Gazelle HT Mk 3 – 1978

  • TTSN 8300 Hrs
  • Good Component Hours
  • Ex RAF Machine
  • Demilitarized
  • On Civilian Register
  • No Proficiency Area Restrictions
  • Updated Avionics
  • PFD System
  • SAS System

Presenting a stunning Gazelle Helicopter for sale


The Gazelle originated for the French Army, as a lightweight and observation helicopter. Early in the aircraft’s development, the decision to enlarge the helicopter enabled greater versatility. In addition it made it more attractive to the export market. In 1968 the fenestron tail replaced the original tail and… four SA 341 prototypes were flown. On 6 August 1971, the first production Gazelle conducted its first flight. Developed under a military-orientated design… the type’s entry to service increased further attention to the commercial market. Thus the type went on the market to civil customers. The Aérospatiale Gazelle is a French five-seat helicopter. Designed by Sud Aviation and later Aérospatiale. The Westland Gazelle went on to manufacture in France and the United Kingdom… through a joint production agreement with Westland Aircraft.
The Gazelle, capable of flying without its main hydraulic system…  reaches speeds of up to 100 knots. The flight controls are also very responsive. The Gazelle lacks a throttle or a trimming system. Hydraulic servo boosters are present on all flight control circuits…  therefore controlling equipment failure. It transports up to five passengers and furthermore… up to 1,320 pounds of cargo on the underside cargo hook, or alternatively…. up to 1,100 pounds of freight. The Gazelle is easy to maintain. In addition all bearings are life-rated… without need for continuous application of lubrication… as well as for the need for fluid reservoirs to be rapidly inspected.
The individual rotor blades are primarily composed of fibreglass and designed for long operational lifespan. Composite rotor blades became a common feature of later helicopters. The main rotor maintains a constant speed in normal flight. It’s further described as having a “wide range of tolerance” for auto rotation. Finally the design achieved minimal maintenance requirements, therefore contributing towards low running costs. Moreover… many components… designed to have a service life of 700 flying hours… reached up to even more flight hours (1200).
Westland Gazelle HT Mk 3 – 1978
The Gazelle: the first helicopter adapted for… single-pilot operations under instrument flight rules. In addition … Honeywell developed an autopilot system to prevent even more work for pilots.


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